Community Safety Alert – Mill Bay Car Break-ins


There haven’t been any problems with break ins of homes in the Mill Bay area for the past few weeks which made all residents give a big sigh of relief as it looked like our  problem was over.

However,  this past Sunday evening on Bay Rd. near the Deer lodge Motel two cars were rifled through between 10 pm and 8 am.

One car had a wallet with a credit card in it which was taken and used for a transaction of several hundred dollars in Ontario by 10:30 Monday morning.

The RCMP are reminding residents to not only lock your house doors – but your vehicles as well. Don’t make it easy on the thieves who are roaming through the area.

Please watch out for your neighbours and always contact the RCMP detachment with any suspicious activities in your area.

We need to work together to resolve the problems we have been experiencing in South Cowichan.



Block Watch Coordinator:  Shirley Walker  250-743-6727