Block Watch

Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2014
Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2015
Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2016
Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2017
Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2018
Block Watch’s Groups Started in 2019

The Block Watch program provides individuals and groups of people with the tools and knowledge they need to support safe, healthy and socially rich neighborhoods.

  • Neighbours watch out for neighbours.
  • Families in a designated area form a communication chain aided by a block map of names, telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Some groups arrange a patrol by those members who walk their dogs in the neighborhood on a regular basis (Citizen on Patrol)
  • Participants meet yearly to organize and get acquainted.
  • Each group has a Captain trained in the philosophy and practices of Block Watch.

Block Watch Society Canada Newsletters:

Block Watch Captains

As a Block Watch Captain you are fostering a working relationship and awareness among residents that helps ward off potential dangers in your neighbourhood.  With a little gift of time you are demonstrating to your friends and neighbours the importance of being committed for the good of all.

Volunteer Apprecation Week

Starting a Block Watch – All Block Watch Captains/Co-Captains must have completed an RCMP Police Clearance before starting a Block Watch Group.

Step 1:

Call or email to arrange an appointment to meet with the Block Watch Coordinator at your convenience 250 929-7222 or

Step 2:

Print the forms below and bring them to your initial meeting.

Start creating your list of members: