As we prepare for the reopening of our schools.  A letter from Brentwood College School – Ian McPherson, Director of Communication and Marketing to out community.

Thank you for keeping our communities safe & informed on behalf of SCCPAS President, Bob Collins.

Brentwood School Re-Opening

Welcome Back to all our Students…  in all our schools in the South Cowichan Area.

Drive Safely those on the road as we integrate back into the “Back to School” Days.

  • Leave extra time
  • Remember to keep your eyes out for children on the roads
  • Stop Behind School Buses when STOP Sign is out
  • Obey Posted School Zone Speeds
  • If you unsure wait until the way is safe to proceed
  • Wear Reflective Gear as the days get darker
  • Share The Road

Safer Roads Start With M_ …?

Are you ready for School...?