Positive Tickets 1st Grand Prize Draw Saturday, August 26th Cobble Hill Fair 10:15 a.m.

The Positive Tickets Grand Prize Draw is happening this Saturday, August 26th at the Cobble Hill Fair.  We will be hosting 2 more Grand Prize draws this year.   As a results of Successful Sponsorship from our generous sponsorsr… we will be Hosting 3 – Grand Prize Opportunities – Yes 3

  • Have you been Positive Ticketed?Positive Tickets Sponsors RCMP Children Youth Behaviour
  • Is your name in the Grand Prize Draw?
  • How you ask do I get a Positive Ticket?

Positive Tickets are given out by members of the RCMP, Block Watch Captains, South Cowichan Community Policing Office Staff and Volunteers to Children/Youth who we “CATCH DOING THINGS RIGHT”…!


Positive Actions/Behaviours have Positive Awards.  Read all about it here http://www.positivetickets.com/

SCCPAS Positive Tickets It’s Working.

Youth Crime Going Way Down!
41 % reduction in youth crime in one major city within three years.
Positive Tickets has been a major contributing factor.

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