South Cowichan Community Policing

SCCPAS, is a not-for-profit, charitable society providing crime prevention, community safety programs and resources for the community.  We work in partnership with the Shawnigan Lake RCMP, individuals, groups, and agencies, our goal, to make the South Cowichan Community a safer place to live, work and play.

In the 20 years of existence, our staff and volunteers have helped to create Safer Streets, Safer Homes and Safer Communities; through the implementation and administration of the following programs:

  • Block Watch we have increased our Block Watch Community by 20 additional Block Watch Groups per year reaching over 5,000 residents. Increasing Crime Prevention through active communities helps to provide additional support to our RCMP Shawnigan Lake Detachment and our South Cowichan Community all of us working together to provide valuable crime prevention and awareness.
  • Friendly Phones/Safer Seniors/It’s Not Right provides care and support for our aging population as well as for those who are shut-ins and need daily contact.
  • South Cowichan Senior Network pilot has run through out the South Cowichan area from 2018-2020 unfortunately due to limited volunteers this program was put on hold. We have many groups in the South Cowichan area that are active seniors working with seniors, such a busy community so our goal is to create a strong communication network to link all these active groups together quarterly to brainstorm, plan and implement the future direction of the South Cowichan Seniors/Ageing Friendly community.  As we all work together towards building an Age Friendly Community with the common goal being a Senior Centre and an active healthy active lifestyle.
  • Speed Watch/Cell Watch which provide awareness to residents on road safety, speeding, distracted driving and cell phone monitoring. This program works with the RCMP Shawnigan Lake detachment and ICBC.  This program continues to grow with the growth and needs of our community increase.
  • Safer Roads Start With Me/Blue Bin Positive Messaging supports the community concerns for road safety for children, families (4 and 2 legged), motorcycles, vehicles, etc. As we move towards a busier community so too do the concerns that come with expansion and growth.  This program brings community together to evaluate their roads safety needs, in the areas of speed limits, signage, crosswalks, lighting, reckless driving, etc.
  • Youth Diversion Positive Tickets celebrating the success of positive behaviours and actions, L/N Drive Safe -awarding youth for responsible driving, Anti Bullying, and Youth Mentorship programs through Inclusive Leadership.
  • Citizen-On-Patrol before COVID-19 hit we were preparing to launch this program in the South Cowichan area, we have many people who has already stepped forward and we have received copies of the C.O.P. Training manual once we are back int o a new normal we plan on moving forward with this very effective Community Safety and Community Action based program. It would be great to have you join us…

To be effective, we require local resident volunteers like you.  Our meetings are normally open to the public due to COVID-19 and Practicing Safe Social Distancing we are hosting our meetings through Zoom.

Our monthly Directors meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  We would like to encourage residents in the South Cowichan area to join us through Zoom by emailing us at for Meeting Id and Password.

What is your passion for Community Safety come and join us…!

Our community is growing by leaps and bounds.  To provide the programs we envision; our membership needs to grow, and we would love to have you join our already successful and dynamic team.  We know you will be a great asset.

Any questions can be directed to:-

Bob Collins, President

Karen Adams, Vice-President

Sarah Davidge, Manager, Programs & Volunteers

SCCPAS Programs