Stay up to date with the BCRCMP

Staying informed is a great habit, and we encourage you to keep up-to-date with important public information available on the RCMP website. Depending on your location, this may include details specific to your province or territory.

If you’re in BC or “E” Division, you can explore the BCRCMP website for a variety of topics, including the latest news in the Newsroom, Alerts for Missing Persons, Wanted Persons, Amber Alerts, Safety tips, when and how to contact non-emergency, Online Crime Reporting and more.

Being well-informed can make a significant difference when it comes to identifying and assisting in the search for missing persons or wanted individuals. It can also provide valuable information on various other topics.

We appreciate your commitment to promoting a safer community where we all live, work, and play.

The BCRCMP’s website offers a wealth of information. While we’ve highlighted a few main topics below, feel free to explore the website, familiarize yourself with the available information, and stay up-to-date.


Missing persons, most wanted, suspects or persons of interest in B.C.


The latest RCMP news in B.C.

Police services

Police services that the RCMP provide to the communities they police.

Safety tips

Suggestions and resources from the BCRCMP on how you can stay safe at home and in the community.

Contact the BCRCMP

How to contact the BCRCMP and a list of our most commonly asked questions and answers.


Overview of RCMP policing in B.C. and the priorities and initiatives for crime reduction in the Province.