Changing Road Conditions . . .


 Weather, traffic, road repairs—different conditions bring driving challenges. Be prepared!

For us here in the Valley, driving in foggy weather is the norm.  Visibility can deteriorate in a matter of seconds. **Plan your route & check road conditions ( **Watch your speedometer **Drive with headlights & foglights on **Do not switch on high beams **Use your wipers and defrosters as needed **Use right edge of the road or painted road markings as a guide  **Avoid stopping on highway 

*Other types of winter driving    *Checking road conditions

Social Media Here We Come!

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Over 40 youth were caught!

There were over 40 tickets issued this summer to youth in the South Cowichan area. The tickets did not come with a fine or jail time … they came with a prize. The tickets were issued to kids who were caught “doing things right” like wearing a helmet while riding a bike or being a big help in the community. Positive tickets is a community program where youth are caught doing good things and rewarded with a prize of a gift certificate or a voucher to some fun, free activity.
The ticket holders were also entered into a draw for some grand prizes. On October 6th, Constable Furlong of Shawnigan Lake RCMP along with Island Savings Credit Union were on hand at the Community Policing Office to present their donated grand prizes of two bowling parties for 10. The grand prize winners were … drum roll please … Jennifer Clark and Devon McCormick. Other winners of the day were Liam Tupper, Jack Wilke, and Kabore Dunn who all won various gift baskets and certificates generously donated by local businesses. Congratulations to everyone!