People living in forested areas need to be aware of the wildfire threat and ways they take action to make their home and community become “FireSmart.”

Take FireSmart actions

Simple steps can help you live with the wildfire reality.
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Cigarettes cause fires

FireSmart® Home Partners is a voluntary property assessment program that helps residents identify specific actions they can take on their property to reduce wildfire risks.

FireSmart® Home Partners Property Assessments provide residents:

  • A comprehensive, on-site assessment conducted by experienced fire professionals;
  • An opportunity for property owners to identify mitigation actions unique to their property;
  • A detailed follow up report with customized mitigation actions designed to measurably reduce the wildfire risk to your property;
  • An opportunity to earn FireSmart® Home Partners certificate acknowledging your mitigation achievements. The certificate is given upon successful completion of required mitigation actions and an on-site follow up inspection.
  • This type of recognition can be used to enhance real estate transactions by reassuring prospective buyers that the
    appropriate level of wildfire risk reduction has been achieved on the property.
  • The mitigation certificate can also be shared with local insurance providers to showcase mitigation activities and
    potentially increase a homeowner’s ability to maintain insurance coverage. FireSmart® Canada does not share the
    assessment or any details of the assessment with the insurance industry.