What is Your Safety Letter to Santa Saying…?

Dear Santa…  It has Been yet another Year of Building Strong Community…!

by Sarah Davidge-Cardinal
Manager Programs & Volunteers

and the NEW CCP&ES

RCMP – remind people to lock their houses, sheds and vehicle doors.  Santa says good idea “Lock Out Crime”

RCMP/Paramedic/Fire/Emergency – Please put a Visible Reflective House # Sign on everyone’s Christmas Friend and Family List – Buy a gift of safety – Get a free medium Pizza for yourself or to share from panago Pizza, Mill Bay/Duncan.  Thank you panago for supporting the Gift of Safety.

Community Policing – FREE Friendly Phones Program – Please spread the Christmas care by reminding our seniors that we offer this FREE service.  A daily phone call between 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. from Volunteers who genuinely care about your wellbeing.  Just give us a call and we will add your name to the list.

Fire Fighters – remind everyone to give water to their thirsty indoor live Christmas Tree, keep all plugs away from water sources.  Enjoy the beautiful candles and the light they give, remember to extinguish them before retiring for your long winters nap.

Community Policing Speed Watch–remind those speeding to the next red light or traffic jam, that life is too short to take that kind of risk.   Leave Time… less stress and safer for everyone including the driver of the vehicle.  It is good to give so, if you want to, join us and Volunteer in 2022.

ICBC – Drunk Driving Awareness/Cell Watch – Please remind all those who are celebrating over the Holiday Season leave your car at home, arrange a safe COVID-19, ride home, plan to be a designated driver.  If you’re driving, be alert and remember distracted driving has a high cost.  In short:  Leave Your Car at Home and Your Phone Alone… Let’s all have a Safe Holiday Season.

Block Watch – Please give everyone a special gift of “Thank you” for actively participating in keeping their neighbourhood and our community safer by staying active and alert while practicing social distancing.

RCMP Scams and Fraud Awareness Division – reminder to be aware that during the Holiday Season all those offers that seem to be too good to be true, definitely are.  You don’t give your banking or credit card information out over the phone to a total stranger or even a “so called” family member in trouble,  the CRA will not come and arrest you, and safe guard your credit cards and personal information that could offer those “Grinches” opportunity to steal your Christmas cheer and money.

Shopping Centre and Store Owners – remind everyone to put on your best Christmas mask, practice social distancing.  Drive safely, everyone is hustling and bustling, highly motivated to get that last parking spot, that perfect Christmas present and baking supplies.  Kindness gets you on Santa’s Nice List.  Naughty gets you a lump of coal (of course you could find a diamond or a precious jewel…lol).

… I heard him exclaim as he drove the speed limit out of sight A Safe Christmas to All and to All A Safe Night.

Safety Doesn’t Happened by Accident.  Let’s All Do Our Part. 

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season from all of us at South Cowichan Community Policing and the NEW Cowichan Community Policing & Engagement Society and All The Best for 2022.