The role of the home owner, Mainroad Contracting , and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI).

Prepare your home and property for winter, rain and snow storms.

We advise that home owners check culverts, gutters, downspouts and perimeter drains around their house to ensure everything is working properly, and free from debris.

Mainroad Contracting will make every effort to keep roadside catch basins, culverts, and ditches clear.

Residents are requested to help by not depositing debris, leaves or garden trimmings in
drainage ditches, and by preventing debris from accumulating against ditches.

Homeowner Drainage Checklist

  • Clear your gutters and downspouts of all leaves and debris. Ensure that they remain clear through the winter.
  • Have your drain system cleaned and repaired if necessary. Remember, drain tiles will plug over time with mud, silt or roots, and in some cases, may even fail due to age.
  • Ensure that any surface that drains, such as those located at the bottom of driveways and stair wells, are clear of mud and debris and remain clear through the winter.
  • Ensure that your driveway culvert is clear (that you can see daylight from one end to the other) and free from mud, debris and rocks through the winter.
  • In an effort to be prepared for all circumstances, you may want to consult the Provincial Emergency Program.

of culverts located underneath driveways are the responsibility of the
individual home owner.

If you notice flooding on any of the roads, please contact
Mainroad South Island Contracting Ltd at 250-391-7310 or 1-877-391-7310.

Shift into winter – provides a ton of information regarding winter driving tips, winter tires
information and winter preparedness.

The A,B,C’s on winter plowing can be found here :,

This explains how the snow clearing equipment is deployed per our contract with the
Maintenance Contractor (Mainroad South Island). Fingers crossed we do not need