Community Safety Alert – Suspicious Activity in Area


Today I received three emails from three different areas regarding concerns in the community.  They are printed below – a good reminder to lock your doors and keep alert about suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.


Shirley Walker

1)    Duncan area

Hello All

Please be aware of a white GMC Suburban style vehicle that has been in the area and trying to “scam” people. The incident usually involves the person stating they have run out of gas. Remember please report any suspicious activity to RCMP immediately.

2)    West Shawnigan Lake area Block Watch

Just a heads up for everyone, as both of our cars had gas caps tampered with last night.  Both caps were undone, but nothing was actually done.  My car being  a newer one doesn’t have a locking door(tap one) but does not allow any siphoning  My husbands is also not locking but it doesn’t appear anything was done as there was hardly any gas in the car.

3)    Mill Bay area – on Wed. afternoon

Hi Shirley,

About a half hour ago, my son (adult) heard two men talking on our property, then a knock at the door, the dog started barking.  By the time my son got to the door there was no one around.

I called the RCMP in Shawnigan, and they have reports of two men in a white van in the area.  Apparently trying to drum up business from an Alberta paving company.

The RCMP would be interested to hear if anyone is getting another story and also a license plate number would be appreciated.